Chainfire Is Getting Closer To Rooting The Pixel and Pixel XL


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Oct 6, 2011
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With Nougat rooting Android devices is harder than ever. Back in the day if a device was easily bootloader unlocked it meant rooting the same device would be as simple as flashing an existing These days it takes a bit more work. Chainfire has been steadily working on rooting the Pixel. He posted a few updates on twitter today, and it looks like he is getting closer!

Re: Pixel root, disabling dm-verity on stock is problematic. Recompiling/patching, then 'system' root can work. Trying to find a better way.

Re: Pixel root #2: seems I can disable dm-verity after all. System-ish root possible with some tweaking. Still looking for a better way.

Hopefully we will have a root method in the coming days.

via @chainfirexda