Certain Themes Not working


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Nov 21, 2009
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Before I get into the issue I have been having, let me just say that I know how to download the themes in UD setting under the extras tab and then apply them with the theme chooser. I have downloaded 3 themes and have applied them successfully but now when I dl a theme in settings they are not showing up in the theme chooser. It appears that the 3 that I downloaded and that have showed up were the first 3 that I tried to download. Is there a chance that the theme chooser only handles 4 themes, the 3 I downloaded and the system default theme? It doesn't seem to be certain themes that won't work but any of them that I have downloaded after the first 3.

My question is has anyone else had this issue and if so did you find away around it? Also, how do I uninstall the themes I have currently installed in the theme chooser?

Thanks in advance
I actually have 6 showing in the theme chooser...but when switching from theme to theme, some of the icons don't change..lol...I also have tryed to dl more themes to only have it just sit in the working mode for ever so I have to reboot phone to get out of it..