UD 3.0 RC2 questions, comments and concerns.


May 11, 2010
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Buffalo NY
So I have been using the UD 3.0 RC2 for a bit now and I really have to give some credit out. For a release candidate this is incredibly smooth, fast and functional. The new features are awesome and great job to the entire Ultimate Droid team. However is there any possible way to get rid of the green? I understand it goes with the android 2.3 gingerbread theme but for the love of God is it ugly as sin. I understand that is my opinion but I did notice in the UD setting there was a theme chooser. I was wondering if that will have interchangeable themes loaded to it or if you have to download the update.zip theme and use that to change it. I'm just holiness that once the full release comes out there will be an easy way to get rid of the green. If not someone teach me how to theme so I can make something similar to what it looked like in 2.5. Sorry for the rant but the color scheme is the only problem (aside from the known problems) I have with this rom.