Certain G-mail messages won't open


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Mar 26, 2011
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I just got the HTC Thunderbolt, it's my first Droid coming from a blackberry and I'm still getting used to it but I like it more and more every day. Anyways, I'm having an issue with the g-mail.

I receive automated e-mails from an emergency notification system severals times a day. They go to a g-mail account that I have on the phone using the g-mail app. Some of the e-mails open with no issue, but some go to a white screen, then the screen blinks one, two or three times, then goes back to the inbox. I tried receiving e-mail to the g-mail account using the regular mail manager and I have the same results. I tried forwarding the messages afflicted by this to another g-mail account and to an exchange account, and both have the same results.

I can however open the e-mail on the g-mail website. Any ideas? The crazy part is some messages open (most in fact), but some don't.

Thanks in advance for any help. This board has been a wealth of knowledge and I look forward to reading more and more.
Could be threaded messages

I'm having a similar problem with my Corporate Sync (Exchange) account. The only pattern I've noticed is it occurs in replies on message threads. So I'd speculate that Android may be choking on grouping messages somehow. But I have no idea how to fix that.