Certain apps force close based on Wifi connection


Dec 9, 2009
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Fenton, MI
Let me start by saying two things: 1) I have no idea where the most appropriate place to post this problem is (maybe a gateway hardware forum???), and 2) I've had this problem on multiple devices now starting with my HTC M7 and now on my LG G3 and so I'm 100% sure that the Android device isn't the problem.

What happens is whenever I try to start an app that will utilize some type of streaming, the app will quickly close saying "Sorry, [streaming app] has stopped". The current list of apps that I've had the problem with are Pandora, Chromecast, & Plex. I've discovered that this only happens when I'm connected to my home wireless router. Even at that, if I connect to the guest SSID the problem disappears (but then my streaming apps can't see my local content). So, as a bandaid, I've been simply connecting to the guest network to use Pandora for the last year or so, but now that I want to use Plex and Chromecast, it has become an issue.

My router is a Motorola SURFboard Gateway SBG6580. There was a time when I was using Chromecast and Pandora, connected to the main SSID on this router and didn't have a problem. I'm quite certain that I changed something at some point along the way (maybe when I was configuring my router to play nice with me Qnap NAS last year) that is causing the trouble. Everything else on the phone seems to work normally including internet apps, and all devices on the network (PS3, XBOX, TIVO, Laptop, Samsung smart TV, NAS, etc) work normally with fully functional internet connection and streaming capabilities (most everything has a wired connection though).

I would very much like to avoid resetting my router to factory defaults, but will do that as a last resort. What I'm hoping to find out by posting this is if anyone knows of a particular setting on my router that would be causing this type of behavior on my phone.

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