Car Mount/Dock - does anyone make a


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Aug 15, 2010
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Does anyone make a hard wire kit for the Droid X. I don't want to have to use a cigarette lighter adapter. I don't want to just cut a cigarette charger because the base has the chip in it to stop charging when the battery is full and it drops the voltage to 5V.

Also, using the Verizon car charge, I'm getting a buzzing noise through the AUX port when the charger is plugged in. Is it just the Verizon charger or do they all do that?
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I'm using the car dock with a generic car charger and dont have any feedback. You may want to try a different charger. Does this happen with a different phone and charger?
I'm using Bluetooth. No buzzing sound.

Which one?

I'm thinking of getting the LiquidAUX. I have a rear AUX port on my factory radio and installing the USB cable off of the LA behind the dash.