Can't Factory Reset Droid!


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Jan 3, 2012
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I have the original Motorola Droid. I have tried the Factory data reset option in the Privacy Settings menu with no luck. It seems to run through the process but when it powers back up, everything is just as I left it.

I have also tried doing a hard reset holding the x and power button. It will not go into recovery mode. Instead it just cycles through power up and power down.

Specs: totally stock phone (not rooted) / 2.1 - update 1

I need to reset so I can either sell or donate the phone without all my private info on it. The phone is no longer activated - would that make a difference?

Is there any way at all to reset this phone?? I have a macbook pro - is there a way for me to reset it through the data cable?

Can or should I reload the OS somehow? Root it?

Thanks for any help you can provide!

I just did a factory reset on my original DROID (A855). Same situation as you - non-rooted and deactivated. It rebooted and I hit "skip" on all of the setup stuff. It was essentially like factory. I then unmounted the SD card and formatted it. Done. Actually, I'll probaby remove the SD card before donating the phone. Not sure but if you didn't skip the google account setup, etc. perhaps the "cloud" is restoring your phones settings based on your google account? Not sure if that's exactly the standard behavior. Seems like you have to reinstall apps and then the cloud restores your settings. Anyway, I know it's not much help other than to confirm that the factory reset isn't broken.
When I hit "Erase All", it powered down, then powered back up but didn't prompt for any set up stuff... It just went back to the way I had as if nothing was reset... So, at least at this point, it appears broken.

Try checking for system updates to be sure you have the latest and greatest OS version. I hate it for you. Of course, you can always remove the SD card and access/erase it manually. Doesn't solve the whole problem but that should keep some of your personal stuff private.