Can't believe I did this to my phone


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Mar 9, 2011
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Ok, major issue that I'm pretty sure I know the answer, but want to see if someone is a magician out there. I was walking into work about 30 minutes ago, and dropped my lunch and OG Droid on the asphalt outside. Now, I've dropped my phone before and other than some scuffs, it has worked fine. I looked at the screen and since there were no cracks, I assumed that I'd be able to turn it back on like normal. Got inside, set my stuff down and started to turn on my phone. The backlight came on, but the M logo never showed. No sound, no logo, no CM7 logo, nothing. The only thing that was on the screen was a weird little circle in the bottom right corner of the screen (above the Search magnifying glass) with a dot in the middle. I tried a battery pull, I tried rebooting while holding "x", nada. Occasionally, that circle would vibrate the phone when I touched it. But that's it. Does anyone have ANY idea what's wrong and if I can fix it? I'm all kinds of broke right now, so I can't afford a new phone. And obviously, it's rooted so it's not covered by any warranty. Any clues?

Motorola Droid - CM7
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