Can someone help me out with Swype??


Nov 30, 2009
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I have a D1...OG...droid and i have the beta swype. It worked fine for the first few days but, today it is not swyping!! i can tap the letters to text but the swype part of it has quit. I looked in the settings and couldnt find anything. maybe i over looked!! anyone have any suggestions???
Yes lastnight!! And thats when it started. so what can i do?? i just recieved a message stating that the package is on another device!! i have only this phone!!
Have you tried turning it off, turning it back on with the check box in the keyboard settings?

How about disabling it from the Installer and reinstalling it? I had it tell me it was configured for another device till I reinstall it and recreated my license.
Well, I am a Ding Dong. But I figured my Dong better stay out of this.

G'night folks! (Bonus points for the cartoon that got stolen from!)

I think I have an answer for someone else with the exact same problem, too.