Camera Shutter Sound

Shutter sound was implemented by Verizon and others to "prevent" you from taking pictures without permission. Since there is always a sound people around you will know a picture is being taken. It's a stupid rule but there was a lawsuit or something a while back.

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Yeah, it's something that's been debated for a while now in different countries. A few years ago, a bill was introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives: H.R. 414 - Camera Phone Predator Act Alert. It never made it out of Committee, but some carriers and manufacturers still want the shutter sound active.
The last update to Tasker made it no longer work on my Samsung devices or non stock camera apps on my G2. Before that it worked very well by putting device in silent mode when a camera app was being used. Now it still puts it in silent mode but doesn't stop the camera sound.
It looks like root is the only option that I can find anymore.

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The 4.4.4 update that Verizon recently started pushing now includes the setting in the menu of the camera app to turn the shutter sound off.

The camera also opens quicker and seems to be more responsive overall.