camera flash disabled


Feb 11, 2011
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I was on a call and I accidentaly hit the camera button. A message popped up saying that the flash was disabled because I was on a call. I wonder why they disable the flash. Maybe it's a power thing. Any thoughts?
Under phone setting and Power, there are several different battery saving features that are activated when the battery hits a certain percentage level.
The battery was fully charged and was actually on AC power at the time. Try it for me. While on a call, speakerphone on, launch the camera and see if you get the message and the flash icon goes grey. Off the call, it worked fine
Well I guess I missed that important detail about being on a call. Your theory has got to be correct because I've read somewhere that when using mobile hotspot, the flash is disable because it puts too much strain on the battery or shall I say it drains the battery too quickly. I wouldn't have imagined that they would disable the flash during a call, because the calls can't be using that much energy.