Camera delay fix in December?


Nov 8, 2009
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I checked out that updates that are scheduled for next month but I didn't see one that will speed up the camera after taking a pic. There's such a long delay from when you take one til the next shot. I really hope there will be a fix for this. Has anyone else had the opportunity to take snap shots with the Iphone and seen how fast you can take pic after pic? I hope Verizone/Motorola is listening to us?? :)
I notice the delay but dont think its as bad as people make it out to be, the main reason is it is writing to a 16gb card and that takes a second to do. What I would like and hope they do is correct the grainy indoor pics, I went to a school vet day program today and took photos there in the auditorium and they turned out great for the lighting and all, better than the pics the wife was taking with our reg kodak digital 5mp camera, so moto just get the quality better and most no one will even notice an extra second it takes to store it on the card.
Well the Droid's cam does take pretty good pics for sure, especially in Video mode. I just don't think it'd be great for taking candid shots or action shots. You would miss all the good shots.
I hope they fix the quality/graininess as well... my old blackberry takes much better pics then this thing.