Calling out to Devs


Jul 18, 2010
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I know this has been talked about, but I haven't seen a good answer.
So I am gonna ask again.

My wifes Droid 2 Global has poor speaker volume when using speaker phone. Notifications, ring tones and media sound great.
It is running stock and it is rooted.
I took the phone to verizon and had it replaced. This phone has little better volume but not great. There was two people there that had the same phone and both of theirs were just as loud as could be.
It appears to be a software issue that affects the speakerphone only.
My question is this: Is there a tweak that could be done in the software?
Build.prop, phone.apk anything??

I remember years ago, I had a Moto Razr and used Bitpim to get in and add extra volume. Is there anything like that to do for this phone?
(I know bitpim doesnt work with the D2G, it was just an example)

I have tried factory reset on both phones, but I have not tried SBF yet.
Any thoughts?