Call answer screen question


Jan 21, 2011
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Just a quick question on something new I just noticed today regarding the call answer screen.

Normally, before I answer a call, the display will show the caller I.D. with two sliders on the bottom, one to answer the call, and another one to Ignore the call. This morning I received a call where the screen did not show the sliders, but showed a "call answer" button and an "Ignore" button.

I hadn't seen this before, and the next call I received showed the slider buttons again. Now normally I would expect that the difference may be due to answering the phone from an unlocked versus locked state, but I don't recall ever not seeing the sliders, and I'm sure I've received calls when using the phone before.

Seeing as how GB is still a relatively fresh install on my phone, maybe this is a new feature? Or do I just have a weird usage pattern where I have always answered a call from a locked screen, and never seen the non-slider version of the call answering screen?
You'll get the buttons if your screen is on and sliders if it's off.
Thanks! I though as much, just hadn't really seen it before.