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Jan 6, 2011
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Wondering why all of a sudden when I get a call I kno longer answer it by sliding to the right (like the lock screen).... it is now an answer and ignore button....happening to anyone else???

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I believe that you only get the slider if the phone is unplugged and locked.

When it's in a dock it goes straight to answer/ignore. It might do this if the phone is unlocked and in use. Don't remember and don't have a second phone to test with.

You might want to check accessibility under settings. This also changes the phone's behavior, though I haven't tried it to see exactly how.
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If your phone locks it will go to the slider. The only time you get the buttons is if your phone is unlocked and you have something up on the screen.
Yeah u guys are right if phone is locked its the slider n if ur using it its the buttons thanks

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