Answering calls: slider and button


Jul 6, 2010
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I have a Droid X that is running the leaked 2.2 OS. Whenever I get incoming phone calls, sometimes I get the two rectangle Answer and Ignore buttons. Other times I get the two sliders, similar to the unlock screen sliders. I'm guessing this isn't normal. Is this just a glitch in the leaked 2.2 or is there an actual reason why both types of Answer/Ignore controls should be on my phone, and seemingly randomly switching between the two?
it happens to both our x's.

most of the time we just get the buttons. here and there we get the slide option. i think it's the motorola crapware dialer fighting with stock android.

running 2.2 leaked.
I have noticed the different sets as well - one set when my phone is locked and one set when it is unlocked and the screen is active...
ive noticed that the button comes up when the phone is being used (like browsing web, playing games, looking around in market) and slider comes out when the screen is timed out or when ever your screen is locked.
Hm. I have not really paid attention to whether it's one for when the screen is locked, and one for when it's active. If that is the case, perhaps it's so your phone cannot be answered accidentally when locked? Though with a capacitive touchscreen, could it even be answered in your pocket, etc?
Yeah, same thing here. Kind of amusing trying to slide the buttons and you hear "Hello?"
I have noticed that when your screen is unlocked, you will get the rectangles. if youre in standby, or locked, you will get the slider. I may be wrong, but for me it seems like this is true.