Calendars not syncing


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Nov 23, 2010
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I have recently just purchased a Droid X. I am trying to use the calendar icon on the droid and get the following message.."No events There are no calendar events currently synced. you can set up a calendar to sync in Accounts."

When I go to accounts, there are no calendars available to sync. When I look at Google/Gmail, it shows contacts and gmail are synced but have no option for calendar.

I do have good messaging for work, an dthe work email is workin gseparate from my droid calendar.

Please help. I am lost without a personal calendar. I even downloaded OnTheJob and Ojt Calendar to see if it woudl work, and it wont allow me to enter data. It states there ar eno calendars.

First of all, I am know expert, but I have had a Droid phone for quite awhile and have messed around with it A LOT! So, any advice you get from me is suspect. :)

It is strange that you are not getting a calendar. If you logged into your GMail account when you were setting up your phone then the calendar should be available. Personally, the first thing that I do if something is acting weird is to do a factory reset. I would give that a try and see if things straighten out. If it doesn't work re-post and maybe we can think of something else.
I am getting the exact same thing with my D2. Any help would be great!