Corporate account isn't available in calendar


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Jun 29, 2011
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I've got a stock Droid X running froyo. I just did a factory reset last week because it was stuck in a boot loop (I didn't root it or anything, it just wigged out one day).

Anyhow, the phone is up and running again, and I setup my corporate sync account. It was working perfectly for a couple days, syncing contacts, email, and the calendar. Then this morning it just stopped syncing the calendar. When I open the calendar app, my corporate account isn't available as a choice. Gmail is there, but corporate isn't.

I removed the corporate sync account and readded it, but that didn't help. Email is syncing, but when I open the calendar app there still isn't an option to show the corporate account at all.

In the account settings, I've checked the box to sync the calendar but that doesn't get it to show in the calendar app.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.