Calendar sync: Works automatic from Droid to Google, only manual from Google to Droid


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Sep 18, 2010
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Had the Droid for 2 weeks. Worked perfectly at first. Changes on Google Calendar would automatically sync to phone calendar, and vice versa.

Then, a failed attempt to use Sync for Google Apps created a mess with Outlook that trashed my Google Calendar with thousands of duplicate events. I discontinued Sync for Apps. Not knowing how else to empty the Google Calendar, I deleted it, synced using CompanionLink, and had a clean calendar both on Outlook and Google Calendar.

But then Android stopped updating itself automatically when I add/delete/modify entries in Google Calendar. It only syncs when I do a manual sync in the Droid (Settings | Accounts | <chose the Google Account> | Sync now).

The reverse works perfectly: add/delete/modify an event on Droid and Google Calendar updates instantly.
sounds like you turned off the background data option. I did that myself a couple days after getting my DX. For some reason, if you turn that off, even a manual sync will not push from your phone to google.
I can get items to sync from my phone when I enter them on google calendar from the phone to the computer, but when I enter an item on the computer it wont sync to my phone. Any help would be appreciated.
I fixed it by deleting the data in the calendar and letting it resync.

To delete calendar data:
Settings | Applications | All tab | Calendar | Clear data
AND ...| Calendar storage | Clear data
That only resynced my reoccuring files. Any other ideas out there? I can still enter event on phone and sync's to google calendar. Events I enter on the pc to google calendar does NOT sync to the phone.
For months and months my calendar has worked well, and then just a week or two ago this very problem surfaced and is driving me crazy. Appointments entered via the web and a browser to my Google calendar are not showing up on the Droid X calendar. I have all my old ones, and the ones that were in the Google calendar before two weeks ago, but it just stopped transferring appointments from the web calendar to the phone. Any ideas? Anyone?