Droid X Calendar forces Google Sync after update


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Dec 31, 2010
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The new Verizon 2.3.340 update has now modified native calendar to FORCE Google sync in order to maintain any synced information from Outlook.

How to eliminate this? Can I delete the native calendar without causing other problems? The nature of my business requires confidential contact and calendaring information that cannot go through internet to sync. No matter what 3rd party app i use to sync Outlook, the native calendar deletes it because it forces Google sync and my Google calendar is empty. . . or worse yet, send my synced information to Google. I just updated .340 yesterday and already I've had to delete Google calendar about a dozen times.

This needs to stop!!!

Droid X outlook issues

I had the same issue from the time I got the X on7/10. Took some time & $ to work around but I use companionlink for android . Did the free trial using USB sync and support went out of their way to work with me. I did buy the paid support( I am not a patient person with the tech stuff, just want it to work now) and the service was just as good as the free and with paid. Do not have to be on hold , you go to the head of the line with paid support.Link @ end of mssg.

You get a 30D free trial FYI.

Also worked with VW tech.We had to essentially wipe the phone back to stock. Made list of the programs I had downloaded from the market place to reinstall later. Exported all my gmail contacts on to my desk top in a file so gmail contacts was empty as was the calendar( did the same here as with contacts. You might need to do same with outlook on the X, not sure. X is set to charge only mode in settings to work with CL.

Hope you have outlook on your PC/MAC to copy from when ready.Then re sync'd but there was nothing to sync to in gmail contacts or calendar :)).

Time consuming but well worth it in the end.Will need to download deja office from andoid market to your X.

Now CL sync's via USB to my PC & laptop running outlook 2003 as well as 2007. Sometimes it does a forced close but can get right back in. So all my outlook contacts & calendar are safe & secure from Google and the stuff I want to stay in gmail stays in gmail and I am a happy girl.

CL support worked really, really hard on this issue with me but by now they have a lot more experience.
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Good luck, ET