Droid Sync with Published 2007 Outlook Calendar


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Oct 13, 2010
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Well, I cannot begin to account for all the time I've wasted attempting to simply sync my office's published Outlook calendar with my Droid. You would think this would be the absolute most basic function that businesses would want. Anyway, here's what I want to do:

I run a law firm. My front desk secretary takes care of all the scheduling, she inputs all dates into Outlook 2007. We have separate calendars for each attorney. So there are multiple calendars being updated at the front desk. The calendars are then published/shared via Microsoft's Calendars Public Storage, simply by sharing them in Outlook. So the calendar that each attorney views at their desktop via Outlook, is a published calendar.

I want to be able to syn this published calendar with each attorney's Droid.

I've tried everything and no one has a clue. This is so ridiculous that I can't begin to imagine that the folks at Google and Microsoft haven't found a remedy for this. Stupid!!!

I have used Google Sync, that syncs Outlook with Google Calendar, and then sync Google Calendar with the Droid. That seems to work just fine, yet it will only sync with the original calendar, the one in //personal, not the published one I want to view.

Hope this makes sense. Any advice?
I haven't seen anything for syncing with any public content.

You would think this would be the absolute most basic function that businesses would want.
Everyone has their "this is basic and should be included" item. Statements just like your are posted all the time. The complete list of such items would be endless and development resources aren't infinite. I suspect email is actually the most basic item that all businesses want. Not all use public content. Not all are even using Exchange to begin with.

The big point of Android, IMO, is that it's highly extensible and versatile. Features don't have to be out-of-the-box as with many other devices out there. While I haven't seen a solution for you that doesn't mean that one doesn't exist or won't exist.
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I really have no idea what you are saying by your statement. The list would be endless? There are basic, real-world business functions that these silly egghead programmers and marketers should realize in their target market. This isn't rocket science. Synced and integrated email and calendaring for business purposes is so basic that it's insanity that it isn't the norm.

Anyway, I did find a solution. I had to waste about 6-8 hours of reading worthless forum posts and other worthless babbling. 99% of everything on these forums and the like is garbage.

Here's the solution. Download sync2, it's a for purchase program but worth every penny. Just do a google search for "sync2" and it syncs multiple Outlook Calendars with Google Calendar. It works perfectly. I am now able to Sync all attorneys calendars with Google Calendar and then in turn sync with corresponding Droids.

So yes, this does work, and this is the only way I've found it to be done, all without an Exchange Server or anything other costly hardware/software.