Calendar, meeting invitation?


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Mar 21, 2011
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Hi there,
I'm a new droid x user and having problems with the calendar.

As background, I'm using google calendar sync on my pc to sync my outlook calendar to my google calendar.

Had a few weird problems with that including only some of the calendar events show up on google.

But my biggest problem is if I use the calendar app or widget I am stuck on a meeting invite (which shows accepted on the pc and google calendar) and I can't accept or decline the invite on the phone (I assume there is suppose to be buttons to accept?)

I'm stuck on this now and I can't look at any other calendar items till I resolve this.

Thanks for any help, its probably something simple that I'm missing as a newby.

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Well I added another bogus calendar entry on google calendars that was a few hours before the entry that was giving me trouble. That caused the calendar program to start behave correctly, but the calendar widget is now stuck trying to get approval for the meeting invite for the new bogus calender entry (even though, it too was accepted back on Google Cal).

Not sure what to do about that, other than to think that the Calendar widget is buggy?