Calendar feature request


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Aug 20, 2010
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On the Droid 2,

  1. it is not possible to add recurring events that end on a specified date. (Your only choice is recurring forever. If desired you can then delete events starting from a certain date forward--see next item. Two steps to accomplish a single task.)
  2. You cannot delete or modify a single event in a set of recurring events. (Your choices are all events, or all events in the future.)
So try adding a meeting schedule where you meet M-W-F at the same time for 3 months, skipping a day or two here and there for holidays. Can't be done without adding multiple runs of recurring or single events.

Every phone I have owned since the Palm Treo can do these things, as can Google Calendar via a computer web interface. These missing features partially cripple what is otherwise a very nice calendar app. How about an update Google, Motorola?