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Jan 22, 2011
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When I tap on my calendar app, it starts to open but then immediately dies. I tried another calendar app (Business Calendar) and this app opens, but when I go to click on one of my google calendars, it also immediately dies. So, I'm guessing it isn't the app, but somehow the way in which my droid connects to my google calendars. I went to "mobile setup" at the google calendar account settings and successfully validated my account. I was sure this would solve the problem, but nothing has changed. The calendars simply shut down immediately. Has anyone else experienced this?
Similar calendar problem

I was having a similar problem I'm rooted and "froze" a bunch of bloatware and other apps that users said were safe to freeze. Through a long process of elimination, I've figured out that it appears that having the sys app "email engine" frozen keeps the calendar from working (or at least adding new events). I'm not a programmer and don't know the inter-relation of the apps but unfreezing the email engine lets the calendar work as it is supposed to work. Problem is, because I use K-9 mail, I can't now freeze the native email and I get double notices of all mail.

Anyway, that's a long way of saying that, if you are rooted, and froze/deleted that email engine app, that may be your problem.
calendar problem

I have a very similar problem - my calendar won't open at all. I've deleted my acct from the device and readded but no change. Plus cleared cache and data etc.
Calendar Problem

Mine does nothing either. I am on an Asus Memopad 7.



Here I have selected my account? I can't add the account again, because it gives an error "The account already exists on this device".

Should a primary calendar show here?
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