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Apr 6, 2010
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We have been getting a ton of erroneous bugs listed in the bug tracker of late. So I am going to lay down a few ground rules. If these rules are not followed we will throw your bug out without even looking into it as we have nothing to go on to help track down the issue.

1.) SEARCH - Before posting a bug search, check to see if someone has already posted a bug of the same or similar problem. If it is similar, but not the "exact" same add a comment to the existing similar bug. If it is a totally different bug we will make a listing for it.

2.) LOGCAT - when a true bug occurs, we need a logcat of the offending error so that we have an idea of where to look for the offending issue. Without this just telling us that your phone crashed doesn't get us anywhere near a solution to the issue. If you do not know how to produce a logcat there is an app as well as guides online to teach you how.

3.) REPRODUCIBILITY - each bug that is logged needs to have the steps documented for reproducing the offending error so that it will help us pin down what is causing the error. Sometimes the error is actually in a different program than what is being loaded, and said program isn't playing nice with previously loaded software.

4.) APPS -
a.) XXX app is not showing up in the market, we can't help that. it is up to the app maker to make it available in froyo. This is also NOT a bug at all, it is due app developers lack of updating the app to be compatible with the latest release.
b.) XXX app is force closing on your rom. It doesn't happen on XXX rom. See #2 & #3. If it is actually a bug we will gladly look into the cause if the app is the cause there isn't much we can do about it.

5.) THEMES - verify whether any bugs are theme related or rom related. To do so reload the stock rom only and verify the bug still exists. If not the bug needs to be posted under the themes section.

Logcat info: http://bit.ly/aiid8i

If you are able to follow this criteria please post your bug reports at: Bugzilla Main Page