Broken Power/Lock button


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Jan 13, 2013
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My girlfriend's boss gave her a DX2 a few weeks ago since he knows I'm an Android enthusiast and app dev and the power/lock button does not work on the phone. I have to use the home screen key to wake the phone, this is very irritating. I'm scared to do anything to the phone really, does anyone know of any other reports of this same problem on this device? Like I said we just got this, I've not been around the DX2 community too much, a little since I use a Bionic, but I'm fairly new to the nitty gritty of the device. I was wondering if anyone knew a fix for this, I am not scared to pull the phone apart and mess with the hardware if I know that I have the resources to not completely screw up the phone. I'm not just going to open it up and start twisting stuff around and soldering random bits. I've actually replaced the digitizer on my Bionic so I'm not foreign to the internals. Thanks for any help.