Broken Power Key. Alternative ways to turn your android on?


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Feb 19, 2012
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Huawei Impulse 4G, AT&T

After weeks of simply putting up with a very shoddy power button, I'm sick of it. I've been having to use a pen to rock the power key back and forth to turn my phone on. As for waking up the screen, I use the 'Fix Broken Power Button' app which works well.

But as of today no matter what I do, my phone will not turn on. If I plug it into a power source, yes the battery charge screen comes up, but I am still unable to turn the actual power on. Is there any alternative to using the power key? I really need some help here. Thanks in advance.

Also, my phone is stock. Not rooted.
since this site is dedicated to verizion android phones, most of us aren't familiar with the impulse 4g. here's a link to our sister site, and i'll bet you can get the help you need over there.
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