Bluetooth Keyboard?


May 16, 2011
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New Jersey
Hey guys,

I was looking at purchasing a Bluetooth Keyboard for my Galaxy Note Phablet. I found one for a good price, but it doesn't say it's compatible with Android. It says it is compatible with everything but (iPad, iPhone, Mac and PC) Do you guys know if there is anything preventing it to work with my device? I don't know much about bluetooth so I don't know if it needs to have another specific to work with my Phablet.

Here is the link for it, and it doesn't specify a model or anything. Would anyone happen to know if this may work with Droids?

BTW - I contacted Samsung, and because the keyboard is not a Samsung keyboard, they can't offer any support....
I contacted AT&T (my provider) and they were not sure what kind of headset the bluetooth Keyboard was... Ummmmmm WHAT?!?! Yeah, hence the reason that I had to inquire here with my DF friends! :) Any advise would be appreciated!

I did find this when looking through Wikipedia about Bluetooth keyboards, but there are a number of exception and since I would have to order this keyboard in order to test it, I was hoping you guys could give me an educated guess.

"Using a keyboard with your android device has its advantages, and it is a simple and easy process. Newer devices, all with Android 4 and some older, don't need any special software or root access to do this!"

Thanks DF!
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Any ideas guys?? Please let me know, PS my Droid OS is 4.0.4. Someone told me it "should" work, so long as the Bluetooth profiles are the same, but I am not sure entirely what that means, and sadly I did not have time to ask for further information.

DF never lets me down, don't let this be the first time :) :)
Come on guys, I know yall got it in ya! I just need a little information here, I know someone knows the answer, or atleast what I need to look for to insure whether or not this will work or not.

Hey guys. I've got answers here from every question I have asked here except this one. Perhaps y'all could point me to another thread that may give me a better chance of an answer?