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Nov 27, 2010
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Hi everyone..I have searched the forum & haven't found an answer so my apologies if this has been asked before. My husband has a stock X & tonight he got an error message saying his sd card is blank or file not supported. He has the same card the X came with and has never had this error before. I pulled the battery & still get same error. Any thoughts? I don't believe its a bad card since he's had the same one since I bought his phone in June. I've never synced it to my desktop unfortunately. So I'm guessing he's up a creek as far as backup goes. Do I need to format or just try another card?
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Before you format it have all the files on the sd card backup'ed then do a format if that doesnt work you defi itly have a bad sd card for sure. Verizon will warreentee you for it.

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Sometimes they just go bad. If you have important stuff like photos on it, you may want to buy a card reader for your pc and see if you can get it to read on there. Just keep the receipt and take it back if you don't have any luck.

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Its a bad card. Do they "go bad" often? I was able to use a card reader so needless to say I backed up both our cards to my pc now. How annoying. Thanks for the help. ;)

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Was it a no name card made in korea? If so yes they have been going bad on a lot of people.

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