Bionic Camera

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Yeah well I get bored on the head sorry. Im severely irritated with the camera....
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I'm not happy with the camera either. Very slow unless I put it in sport mode but you can't use that all the time because it turns off the flash. I don't like that. The camera on my Droid X was a lot better.
I had the same problem.

Camera 360 fixes that but it doesn't stretch out on the full screen.

I ended going with Vignette. There's a trial version and if you like it get the Full. I love it. Takes pictures in a snap or a slow Focus if you like.

Edit: Oh Yeah! Vignette also comes with a lot of filters and effects. So that's also a perk.
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Any 3rd party camera apps for video that are free or reasonably priced?
the reason I won't consider another moto, I don't understand why moto can't fit a good camera in these phones with their hideous humps.
I must say... The bad Bionic camera is almost a deal breaker for me.
When I'm not carrying my SLR, I always take pictures with my X. They're perfect, sometimes better than a point and shoot! I really hope Moto fixes that in the next update... So far the Bionic seems perfect, other than the camera... ... ... =(
The camera is great. It's just the software used to make it work. I have no complaints about this phone. I absolutely love it. The only problem was the camera and battery life.

But rooting and freezing apps helped the battery besides I have a second battery and external charger so im not worried about it. And id much rather have a Great phone with a drainy battery than a not so good phone with an OK battery.

And vignette solved the camera issue. Works like a charm.

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Also have troubles with pictures

Picked up my Bionic on release day. I always test everything that I can test and immediatley had problems with the camera/pix storage. Several pictures would appear to save, but when I went to gallery to look at them I had an error telling me it would not load or there was a problem with the media. Took it back to the store and we did a factory reboot. Still had problems and I got another Bionic Tuesday night. Now there are a couple of problems with the latest Bionic, one of which probably needs to be on another thread, but it does relate. I hooked the Bionic to my Mac (Snow Leopard) because I wanted to pull some pictures over. I copied pictures over and ejected the drives (MOT, No Name and Motorola) that were on the desktop. My Mac gave me hate mail saying that I had improperly ejected the drives. I went to Gallery and most of the pictures were showing up as the generic picture graphic. So I went to the Motorola web site and installed the Mac Media Link software. Installed it and saw that it has "eject": as a tool, and thought let's see if this does a cleaner job. Looked in the folder and saw that the pictures were still there, so I used the eject from Media Link. Got the same hate mail and now the albums are missing from the Bionic, along with still having some of the pictures showing the generic graphic.
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95% completely satisfied and then some with my rooted Droid Bionic....the lacking 5% is in the camera quality....

Has anyone found a good camera app? Some of the ones I had heard in the past for other Droid models doesn't seem a good fit for the Bionic...

Of all the issues I hear people complain about I'm stoked only the camera is poor on my device but poor is an understatement, this camera is nearly useless, sometimes pictures are saved as thumbnails, a very touchy flash, sometimes takes dark or light pictures without showing so on the display prior to pic being taken, so many blue grains, my Droid X took better photos than this, I know the hardware is good so I'm thinking an app is the answer, any thoughts?
Retro camera and Camera360 have free versions (on amazon app store, at least) and I hear good things about retro.

I use cam360 paid and like it. It's got some settings etc that might annoy you and i notice the screen will go black on occassion but i havent messed with settings that much so maybe there is workaround. Or fix for bionic on way...

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