.902 Stock Update - Camera?


May 26, 2011
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Chicago, IL
Hi everyone -

So I received the OTA update for my STOCK Bionic like everyone else. Did a manual check on it before being notified.
When I saw it was there, I first took a few pics with the stock camera on the train I was on to get re-familiar with how it took pics (I typically use ActionSnap and Camera FX). Then, I updated to .902. Installed fine, no errors.

When I updated, I went back to the stock cam to take a few more pics.

For both cams, I took special note of the focusing as well as the image quality.
Truth be told...I didn't notice a difference between the two. I've read on some posts here that people notice a "faster" camera...but at the same time, I did not know that was something on the .902's change log - http://support.verizonwireless.com/pdf/system_update/droid_bionic.pdf - It just says something about no more lock-ups on multi-shot or something like that. So...was a "faster" camera even something that was scheduled to happen? Do the posters not know what they're talking about? Or perhaps I don't?

Help would be appreciated. I tend to take a lot of photos with my phone (when not using my typical DSLR for non-spontaneous events) and post them to my social networks, so I always take special interest in good camera apps and the performance of the stock camera. So your insight, over mine, would be appreciated.

- HP