Best Skins Ever for 4.99


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Nov 20, 2009
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Best Skins Ever (no inside advertising on this thread, you can find it on Google) just saw they are 4.99 each, free shipping if you buy 3. This price seem to be a sale price, which they usually have on new devices.

It has a little more texture/grip to it than ghost Armor. Not a plus or minus, just pointing it out

When I bought them for my Storm I bought 3, which gave me some fiddle room should I screw up a portion.

Word of advise, as I have used 3 major brands - they WILL start to peel at the corners if you take them in and out of your pocket enough. Eventually, you can just take a razor and cut the 1mm that starts to peel up.

As mentioned on a previous thread, when applying to a rounded part, lay it on the flat portion first, let dry 15-30 minutes, THEN push down and hold on the curved parts.