Best bluetooth ear piece, or earbuds W/mic?


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Jan 1, 2012
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Tried the jaybird freedoms. Music was decent phonr Bt was horrible . Returned them Any one tried the Phiaiton PS 20 BT? I spend fair amount of time in car so I also need phone Bt quality


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Dec 28, 2011
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Virginia Beach
A question I need answered is...Which bluetooth is best for the voice activation feature? I have a stereo Jabra bt8010 (older set) They work ok. I can switch the main activation button from music playback to voice activation by hitting a selection button on the headset. Holding down the activation button allows redial etc. Not sure what else it can do. But this unit is no longer made so I will have to upgrade. but I need to get one that allows the features of voice activation, redial etc. My other motorolla 700 series does not work with the voice commands, its ok as a bluetooth for talking, just not commanding the phone.

The Bose Series 2 is fantastic (Better be for the price)!! I have tried several boothtooth sets and either the sound is terrible, the fit feels like it is going to fall off my ear, or something else. The Bose headset is by far the best headset I have used (including the Jawbone ERA). The voice activation is perfect for me so far. No misques on the voice matches. If you want to stream music, you have to get the series 2. The original Bose BT headset does not incorporate A2DP and cannot stream (anybody want to buy a series 1 headset?). Music sounds fantastic! Not the same as ear buds but great for shopping or waiting in line somewhere. Overall the fit is fantastic! I can wear it for LONG periods of time without any pain. Now I can listen to music all day long while blocking out the whistling from the office down the hall...
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