Battery life on GB good?


Aug 23, 2010
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San Antonio TX
I was wondering how is your battery life on GB? It's fantastic fo me on froyo, and have not tried GB yet. I just don't want to go to GB and realize that battery life sucks and have to SBF back to froyo. I'm still running froyo right now, so any response is appreciated. Thanks.
Idk i think its actually longer.

I was on fission before and my battery life was pretty good. But now i think gb is even better. This is still day 1 for me tho, i'll see how it goes tomorrow.

Im running Droid Overclock at ultra low volate 1.25ghz, w a few profiles.

Theres even a stock task manager where u can auto kill apps that u want auto killed. I guess i dont need advanced task killer anymore

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I think you'll have to give it a couple more days to really figure it out. GB was just released..what? 36hrs ago?
Lots of flashing back and forth and people checking out how things work. I doubt anybody just loaded up GB and went on their merry way lol.
I know I've been deodexing, theming, testing out features..etc. So my usage has been off the wall and no real way to compare it towards a normal days' use.
I'd say check back by the weekend and we should have more data to use.
i can honesly say i used it last night the way i usually use it. i am on the unrooted version and had all yesterday (at test it out. took it off the charger at 4:30 at 100% battery, listened to pandora for my 30 minute commute home, made a 30 minute phone call, did some serious surfing, finding out more info about the rooted GB, downloaded the rooted GB and the 2.3.340 SBF from TBH app over wifi. and thats pretty much it. went to bed at 11:00 and still had 60% battery left. usually i am right around 30-40% when i go to bed. i am going to go out on a limb and say this has better battery life than my phone when i was running Apex 1.4.1 and that was pretty amazing.
To answer my own question, my battery life has been greatly improved since I flashed GB about 7hrs ago. I will probably never go back to froyo, since my phone is way better on GB.

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I had my phone uncharged for a day and it was still at 20%! Its fawking awesome!!! - running Gb deoxed.

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Im not complaining....:)

Well my LED notification light is still not working on GB, but my battery life has been spectacular, so i'll take that over everything else.

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battery life has been much worse on gb than in apex especially when on 3g all day.
I've been having some pretty bad battery life. If I don't touch it ,it lasts quite awhile. But if I begin browsing, battery drops pretty quick. Faster than on froyo for sure. Obviously it'll be different for everyone, but thats my experience