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May 8, 2010
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Here's what I'm thinking, and this might help as far as Droid's battery life. Some people have been complaining on how facebook hogs up so much memory and battery when in use and not in here's some ideas to help lower the useage and battery life.

1. get the inverted facebook apk. Why? It's black, black uses the least amount of battery, while white uses the most. The main color of facebook is white. Get the inverted, save some battery.
Here's the link: (Credit to thebowers)

2. Save the older version. What's really bugging me is the new version. It comes with pictures that are located on your news feed, and places it on the home screen, where it shouldn't belong. It takes longer to load facebook properly when the droid is downloading pictures, so if you're really into the whole picture thing on the new facebook, disregard this. If you're not, try reverting back to the old facebook. And if their is an inverted version of that? Find it and install it.

3. If your facebook account is linked to your email account and you check it regularly on your droid and the update interval isn't set to manually update (which would work as well), use less data by going into settings -> notifications on facebook, and take off every option you don't want emailed to you. Mine is set to messages only, and my email gets updated hourly. If you're popular on facebook and/or get a bunch of emails from facebook every day, try this method. The main goal of this is to help keep you off facebook more often (if that's what you want) and use less data downloading emails that you wind up trashing anyway.

If anyone has any other ideas to contribute, please feel free to post.


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Nov 11, 2009
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great info in here

i just came in to get the inverted facebook app though:p

i miss the black that CyanogenMod came with since it got updated.