Battery Icon Problem???


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Dec 8, 2009
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I am running Liberty 1.5 with the Ultimate Droid theme (as I used to use Ultimate Droid ROM on my Droid 1).

I always disliked how Ultimate Droid used a red battery icon instead of green. So I went into Liberty Toolbox> Liberty Mods> Icon Picker> Battery Icon and chose a different batter icon to use. It then prompts me to reboot for icon to be changed. Unfortunately, after I reboot the UD red battery icon is still there and only my background changes back to the stock yellow WWII scene.

Does anyone have any insight into why the battery icon is not changing and/or how I might go about changing it???

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Has no one else had this issue? Can someone try to change the battery icon while on Ultimate Droid theme just to make sure I'm not the only one having this issue?

I "had" this issue previously..unfortunately, my cure will not work for you. I had a brand new back-up of my Liberty + Ultimate Droid theme with Circle Battery Icon that actually "took" on my SD when I flashed a few other battery icons and themes and went back to UD and it wouldnt allow me to change back to the circle icon, I just dumped back into Clockwork Mod and re-flashed my clean back-up....:)

Now, I was told the only real way to fix this is to re-flash Liberty with a clean data/cache wipe, then UD and and then the Circle Battery Icon...YMMV though as I didnt ever go this route...

I will give this a try. I had tried out a number of different themes before and after Ultimate Droid. Maybe a clean wipe> flash of Liberty> choice of Ud> and then directly after choosing the icon battery will work.

I'll let everyone know if this worked for me as UD is definitely one of the cleanest themes out there aside from the awkward constant red battery icon (always take a quick look and think my battery is almost going to die).