Battery draining while phone is off


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May 6, 2011
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I just got the Thunderbolt 3 days ago and upgradted from the Incredible. The battery is absolutely horrible. I've turned everything off that I possibly can, reduced brightness, screen time out less than 15 sec, turned off 4g ( i live in a 3g area anyway), and followed all the steps to make the battery last longer.

I had only 3 hours of battery life yesterday after only sending about 4 text messages. This was after the phone was fully charged.

After being fully charged today, I turned the phone off at 6am, and then turned it back on 930 am to find that the battery was at 50% and the phone wasn't even on!

Could this be a faulty battery? I have 14 days to return the phone and I'm thinking of just returning it. I need aphone that will last 12 hours -which the incredible never had a problem doing. Of course, I always the internet and everything turned off though.
That's weird, have you looked at your battery use? That's more telling then anything you just said.
Yes its always the display using the battery more than anything else. Even though I have it set to time out at 15% and when I am done with the phone I always press the button to turn the screen off right away.

Does the battery get better with use? I don't know if I should complain to verizon to get a new battery? Or just get rid of the phone altogether. I'd rather pay the $35 restocking fee than have to constantly worry about my phone dying. I would get the iphone but I love that I can download free music on the droid phones.
That is weird. I don't see how having it turned off would drain the battery. I would take a look at what has been running. I know I can easily get 14 hours out of my TB and it's not rooted. I have the screen at automatic and timeout to 30sec. All of my syncing is at one hour intervals and I always have gps off. If it happens again I would try and exchange it.

Edit: Also it did get better after about a week of use and I don't use the stock facebook or twitter apps. Or the sense launcher. And restarting the phone or powering it on or off do take a dent out of battery percentage.
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I just stubbled on to something interesting....been using the extended battery for 4 weeks now, had original battery in bag whole time, had charged before put away. I'm getting a new cover for free for the original battery, so put in to charge and still at when you say TB off, I'm sure some tracking stuff or something is running....remember.....that's how Bin Laden was found out, the couier always shutdown and pulled the battery on his phone, the other day he forgot..thank you
No one can completely turn off any android phone. The system still runs with very limited resources w/all radios off.
The battery will drain in your laptop too when its off. It's still running stuff in your computer and phone in your case. Try bump charging that battery to get a full charge and a more accurate battery level reading by the phone. The only way to stop the battery from draining down some while in your phone is to remove it phone your phone. But I wouldn't suggest doing that, not long term anyway.