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Jan 4, 2011
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Hey my battery suddenly sucks! Anyone use battery calibrator and does it work. My phone is only 4 months old. I can't believe that the battery could be this bad so fast. Also how is juice defender ultimate working for anyone?

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i have calibrated my battery before but realistically i think any effect i have noticed has been a placebo effect. some people advocate doing it after any rom flash and recently i have seen cellzealot from tbh saying he used a battery calibrator to get ridiculously good battery life, so i guess it's possible.
Very much so! A dev over at xda released an app called Battery Calibration and its awesome! :)

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I have a dx with an extended battery and used that app and haven't noticed a difference. I actually haven't noticed that big of a difference in battery since goin from stock to extended. Not sure if I got a dud battery or what. :/

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interesting. i have actually heard that one of the most appropriate times to calibrate the battery is after popping in an extended battery.
It is. I did a bump charge and calibrated it at that level.

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I'm thinking I have a bad battery. I get like 13 hrs or so and its at like 40-30%. And I mostly text. I have heard keeping it on vibrate kills thebbattery faster (which I do for work in retail).

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Thats pretty good battery time. I dont think yours is bad
I thought so but I srr other people getting like 20+ and stuff. So I figured I would get around 15-17 hrs. But I guess there is something else to it. Oh well. Sorry for taking over this tread btw.

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The biggest test of battery life is how long can your phone last, unplugged, while say watching or even streaming movies until it dies. I can manage 6.5 to 7 hours with my current battery life maximizing set up.

If I let my phone sit around with the screen off and in airplane mode, sure as heck I can hit 18+ hours and have over 80% remaining. But thats not a reliable measure of battery life.
I'm gonna try that. Ill pit some movies on here and see how long I can get it to go.

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I heard the best time to run battery calibrator is when the batter is just about dead to get the full effect. Any thoughts on this?

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