Battery Performance


May 11, 2011
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I received my new S3 on Thursday. Like all new phones, I ran the battery down pretty fast that it was scary. One of the first apps that I've used on my previous phone is Juice Defender. I got around to installing it finally yesterday and today is the first full day of JD. I've been using the phone quite a bit today with texts, bluetooth, browsing and just plain playing around with it. I started around 8:30 am, it's been over 11 hours and I have 55% left on my battery. According to Juice Defender it's increased my battery life 1.90% and I believe it. I have the Ultimate Juice Defender, but there is a free basic version in the Play store that you can try out. Ultimate gives you more custom control over things that suck the life out of a battery

What was your battery life like before you started using JD??
I'd have to put it on the charger after5 hours or so. It could also be the battery getting burned in also