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Feb 26, 2011
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I posted a couple battery questions yesterday in the Droid Accessory section but have not had anyone respond... Was that the wrong place to put the questions up? The jist of it was just that I found some Dinc extended life batteries online for dirt cheap and wondered if any of you more knowledgeable Droid users knew if they were a lesser quality brand? Or if they are good to go and I should go ahead and order a few... I am mainly concerned with the battery door snapping in snugly and seamlessly... So for anyone that can offer advice, Thank You!
Well... I guess that's kinda my thoughts too... Since I'm getting two, it'll be $40.00 for the 2500's... Or $30.00 for the 3500's... The battery doors for the 3500's are just so... bulky lookin... and the 2150 doors look good and I read that the those doors works on the 2500 too... I dunno... That's where I was just hoping for some first hand opinions of each battery. Life-wise... Thanks
I have the 2150 from VZW, get about a day and a half out of it, running an undervolted kernel with smart@** scaling.

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Smtom, is that the 2150 from the Verizon store for $59.99...? I like the idea of it being an HTC product. Does the back snap into place like the original back? Did you order if online or were you able to get it in a VZW Store? My Dinc is bone stock shy of a few aps... but I am no where near the level to root or change rams and cpus and stuff... I just wanted a phone to play WordFeud with my buddies since my Storm 2 was an antique... But between regular Texting, emailing, running Bluetooth and WiFi, with WordFeud games going, getting up at 7:00 and plugging it from the overnight charge, it will start warning me about low bat around noon!
Thank you very much for your first hand experience!
I ordered my 2150 online from the VZW site. The back replacement adds at least 1/4" to the thickness of the device. Fits great, but understand there are no mass produced covers or cases.

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Hmm... Now I think I understand the why so many have just jumped to the 3500 for $53.00...$59.99 seems like a lot for the 2150... I found out all the dirt cheap prices that I was seeing were for "like new" batteries... USED!!! I will go used on a lot of things... But bot a battery that needs to be trained! So now I am stuck to decide... Do I get the smaller, more expensive battery with the sleaker back... Or the slightly cheaper, much bigger battery with the kinda bulky stacky weirdish back... Thanks again guys for the input! Glad to be a part of the Dinc World!!! Hard to believe I rolled my Blackberrys for so long, arguing with my buddies as they switched to Droids one by one... The shame...the shame...
fwiw, the Li Ion batteries have no memory, no training needed.

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No kidding?!? Hmmm... I read a bunch of reviews and even watched a few YouTube videos on these batteries and the repeating theme was that the batteries will feel the same as your OEM until you have fully drained it and charged it 4 to 5 times. Then you will start to see a huge improvement in battery life... I guess I just assumed they were training the batteries.
Yep, opinions vary on that, but they are just that, opinions. If the battery has no 'memory' it follows that there's no training.
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