Seidio 3500 mAh extended battery is a joke!!

Hi Funkpod, I am considering the 2150 also, Could you please give me an idea of how much thicker it is. I have seen pictures but they are magnified so it is hard to get a reference point. If only they could have laid a quarter or something down for a reference point. I just want a little more I don't think I really need the 3500 although I don't know if it is really much bigger than the 2150.

By the way the 2150 is sold out everywhere so I am waiting to find it.

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i'll take pics if i get a chance, it's really not much thicker. i mean, yeah, it's thicker than the original, but it's not too thick as a phone, cuz the incredible is thin to begin with. know what i mean?

the best pics to compare are if you look at the ones of the 2150 modded case, where the back extends beyond the case. that'll give you a good point of view.
I have the 3500 battery as well and I love it. The battery door is different thicknesses. In the middle of the phone it is 3/4" thick. It goes down to 1/2?" just before the camera and flash opening and then down to 3/8" at the top and all the way around the outer part of the phone. I hope this makes sense. 3/4" might sound too big but it isn't for me - I have small hands and it is still very easy to handle the phone. In fact, it was almost too small with the original battery.

Good luck with whatever you choose. I find that I can often go 3 days before needing to charge the phone, although typically I charge it every other night and when I plug it in I still have about 1/3 of the power left. dancedroid
i jsut bought the 1800mah from htc express. I have been able to get over 35hrs on a single charge with regular usage. I know that regular usage is different for everyonebut for comparison I was getting 10-12 hours on the standard battery. So for me huge improvement.

I purchased off amazon for the $39.99 about a week ago, because of amazon's return policy, since I had never heard of this company.

I'm super impressed. Just throwing out another idea.

link: CHICHITEC SPRINT HTC EVO 4G BATTERY 1800mAh high capacity OEM Verizon Incredible Droid TOUCH PRO2 HTC HERO
You paid $39.99 for a $5.00 battery???? Too funny!!!!

Well I guess I got screwed.:icon_eek:. Oh well, good thing worked payed for them. Company phone.

If any one can find these for $5.00 as Grimster states get them well worth it.
I have both the HTC 2150 and the Seidio 3500 and while the HTC cover looks a bit nicer, the Seidio is only a tiny bit thicker (maybe 1 or 2 mm). For the added capacity, I like the Seidio - and I'm not generally a big fan of theirs. In fact, while setting up a replacement phone last night, I was downloading applications, setting up email and contact sync, and browsing a bit - the Seidio 3500 was "fully charged" (but not using the charging trick, unplug-turn off-plug in until green again) and I was heavily using the phone for 5+ hours and was still at 62%...........I'm happy with that.