Backup/Restore question when using app 2 SD


Nov 11, 2009
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So I have an OG Droid 1 that is rooted running the Cyanogen ROM. The first time I installed the ROM, I noticed that all my apps just started slowly flowing back in to my phone without me doing anything. I guess just from logging in initially, Google kept track of what apps I had and started pushing them to my phone. I was wondering what was going to happen to the handful (at the time) of apps I had moved to SD as a result of being able to now on Froyo. I don't really remember what happened to those apps as I really wasn't paying attention. But more importantly, now that I am rooted and have the custom ROM, I have been using App 2 SD and moving a LOT of apps to the SD card. So my question is, when I move to another ROM or update my existing one and lose all my apps again and they either start flowing in or I use MyBackup pro or Titanium backup to "restore" the apps, is it smart enough to put the apps that were on my SD card BACK on my SD card or will EVERYTHING try to install on the internal memory and then FAIL because I have such limited internal memory on my Droid 1?