Backlight won't come on

It would not restart so the only way to restart it was via taking the battery out.

My first R2D2 had this issue and it progressively got worse until the point that it would not turn on no matter what was tried, so they replaced it. I never had a problem with my Droid 1. I'm guessing it's software based issue - the question is if it's Android or an app.

I'm looking for people who have had this issue and solved it.


Using any task killers Max?
I was thinking it might be the task killer... I did turn that off already and will see if that fixes the issue.

Do you suggest any?

Just happened again. ugh.

No task killer.

Had to remove the battery, and boot it up, then repeat to get it to work.

I killed the auto-brightness option and we'll see if that works.
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