Auto Mode Media Player doesn't work well.


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Jul 15, 2010
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Whenever I switch into Auto Mode on my phone, the music player doesn't seem to want to work correctly. In fact, all it does it cycle through 10 of the 1,400 songs I have on my player and does so in random order. When I turn shuffle and repeat off, it keeps on cycling these same 10 songs.

These 10 songs are all from different artists as well which has got me thrown off. I'd like it if I can just play by one artist or just by all the songs. Any one know of any good apps I can use while on the road? I love the idea behind Auto Mode but the media player function on it is so horrible.

Any suggestions? I have the Droid X.

EDIT: I just found a way to make it work a bit better now. Suggestions on a new interface would still be nice though.
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