AT&T Version Gets Update


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Sep 5, 2010
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Depending on the opinion this is either a big update or little one. Big in adding HD voice and even more bloatware Evernote, Amazon shopping andthe new version of ISIS under it's new name), small in its file size. The biggest thing I've noticed so far is the new bloatware is grayed out in the "turn off" area so it's not only more bloatware but I can't even freeze it along with a few I had frozen before no longer frozen and are grayed out as well.
Time will show what the "miscellaneous improvements" are but I have noticed my s view cover sensitivity is greatly improved.
It's another build of 4.4.4
AT T Samsung Galaxy Note 4 gets HD voice bloatware in update Android Central

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A "leaked" image showed we should get the 5.0 update late December / January depending on your carrier.

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Well another change, sort of. Auto update was turned back on in my Play Store settings. No biggie back in the days of unlimited data but I like to read reviews before updating looking for bugs introduced in the newest version and as a point of reference if my device goes wonky suddenly.

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