AT&T cracks down on phone tether


Oct 30, 2010
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AT&T today, Verizon soon?

AT&T Warning Users Over Unofficial Tethering - Threatens To Auto-Enroll Them In DataPro Plan |, ISP Information

Instead of paying AT&T an additional $20 a month (on top of their existing data plan) to enable tethering or mobile hotspot functionality already built into their phones, many customers simply jailbreak the devices and avoid the additional gatekeeper charge by using services like MyWi. AT&T is not pleased that these users are getting around their artificial gatekeeper wall, and has started sending users warnings. "Records show that you use [tethering] but are not subscribed to our tethering plan," the warnings state -- informing users that they'll be automatically enrolled in AT&T's $20 extra DataPro plan if they don't stop. AT&T's terms of service forbids such behavior, and AT&T's clearly figured out a way to identify smartphone users whose data consumption far exceeds normal smartphone usage.
what's funny is that they tell u there's a forum out there that can help u with issues IF their customer svc or tech can't help. so are they really leading us to to break the law or because they have inadequate ppl who doesn't have the knowledge like these developers on here? DF has helped thousands in saving money on new phones as well as giving great advice on what to do with a smart phone. this is just IMO....

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I hope vzw doesnt do the same but $20 isnt too much for mobile 20Mbps speed.
what bluetooth tethering are you using?

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