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Dec 16, 2009
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Recently got a replacement phone through verizons insurance (asurion). i got a new phone, sd card, battery, and home charger. When sending the broken phone back, am I supposed to send the battery, charger, sd card as well??

I'm sure someone has went through verizons insurance before for a broken phone and has ran into this. tia
Thanks, also I noticed they sent an 8gb card with the replacement phone when it, cutting corners and hoping people wont notice???
Says the man who got a free 8GB SD card and free battery.
Says the man who got a free 8GB SD card and free battery.

lol true, but I sure wouldnt be too happy if my phone was stolen or got water damage and I was sent that card to replace the 16 that originally came with the phone. Oh and it wasn't free either... 90 bucks.

So can anyone else verify that you only need to send the phone back, not the accessories?
There are directions that ship with the replacement (unless they forgot to include them). Follow the directions. From what I recall you ship just the phone back but I wouldn't take my word for it.

Oh and it wasn't free either... 90 bucks.
The accessories were free considering that you aren't supposed to get them with a replacement from Asurion. Your deductible is for the phone itself.
what phone did they offer you? I was offered the D2 for my D1 but i changed my mind and decided to keep the D1 and live with my power button issue. :)
it was a d2 to replace a broken d2. sending back just the phone tomorrow.
Yes, you only send the phone back. You keep the batery and sd card. And I have replaced phones through asurion before.

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