Damaged Droid X - Replaced within 30 days


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Sep 1, 2010
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I purchased a Droid X which had some crazy screen issues. It would scramble as if it were possessed. I returned it within my first 30 days of purchase and got a brand new Droid X with charger, 16gb sd card, battery, and battery cover. I don't know what this classifies as... a warranty replacement or insurance replacement and I don't know if its technically from Verizon or Asurion. My question is this though.. Can I keep the extra sd card and battery charger and just send back the phone with the old battery and battery cover?
It's neither a warranty nor insurance replacement; you got a "30-day exchange period" replacement, so to speak. You have to send back everything from the original box, including the charger and SD card, otherwise they can charge you. Here's a clarification of the different replacement options:

30 day exchange period replacement: entire product replaced with brand new equivalent, you must send the old one back with all contents

Warranty replacement (first year): body of phone replaced only with like-new refurbished equivalent (you keep your SD card, charger, battery, and battery cover, send back only the phone body)

Insurance replacement (Asurion): pay the $50 or $80 deductible, entire product is replaced with either a new or like-new refurbished equivalent, don't need to send anything back