Astro not changing directories


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Jan 28, 2011
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Virginia, USA
I searched this up, and I can't seem to find a solution.

While in Astro, I try to open my dcim folder to view my pictures. This works fine. Then I try to open up the "Camera" folder. The directory name at the top changes, but the display still shows the ".thumbnail" and the "Camera" folder. When I try to click the "Camera" folder again, it flashes red like it normally would, and I am able to longpress it to get an option menu. When I try to press the back button, the directory at the top still changes, but I an still seeing the dcim folder.

More details:
Droid 2, not global, not rooted.
Reinstalled astro, same problem.
Recently moved old camera folder to the dropbox folder to upload it, then took a picture to create the folder in dcim again. I think this might be the cause, but I can't move the old Camera folder anymore.

Thanks in advance, guys.

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