astro not displaying sd card contents


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Jan 3, 2012
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If I use the droid 3 file manager I can see all my files just fine. If I open Astro it only seems to show the internal storage contents even though up at top of the screen it says the directory is mnt/sdcard/, why is this? I also d/l a mp3 id tagging app and when I open it to sort through my mp3's in the sd card music folder it only shows the internal storage folders even though it too shows mnt/sdcard/ as the directory. I removed the card and put it back in but didn't help. No problems viewing and manipulating them through the system file manager though so they are there and they are readable. Any ideas??????????
Nevermind, I found the problem. Apparently I'm an idiot and the internal memory is referred to as "sdcard" also (though I have no idea why). I needed the directory mnt/sdcard-ext/ and after uninstalling astro and reinstalling and playing around some more I found
The DroID3Tagger app just seems to be a stupid app and I have found no way to change from internal storage to external. If anyone is familiar with this app please enlighten me cause I find it hard to believe someone would make an app like this and not allow it to work with removable sd card media, isn't that where most people store their music?